Monday, March 27

Married needs a Count Duke of Olivares

They can’t help it, they are like that. Our right is absolutely convinced that public resources belong to them, even in spite of endlessly repeating speeches inflamed with honesty. Because this honesty thing is something that they demand of others, but that they systematically refuse to practice themselves. They have never hesitated to use what belongs to everyone for their own purposes. From a wedding, a very elegant catwalk for future convicts, to a local housing agency, without forgetting foundations lacking competences (I am convinced that it was there, among thousands of idle hours, sponsored by his patron Aguirre, where Abascal studied the imperial master’s degree in bizarre Spanishism).

Beyond cainite struggles to see who takes power from a party devastated by corruption, what should draw our attention is their way of understanding politics. They don’t care about pressing reality, they only care about their strategies. As my father says, there are two types of people: those who work with the sweat of their forehead and those who work with the sweat of the opposite. 30 years ago, the general secretary of the popular in Valencia assured that he was in politics to make a fortune. That is the way: earn money or have your people earn it, because belonging to the Cañí right is not easy. It is a select club in which it is important to show that you are good people before being a good person. Of course, in Europe they laugh at the current leadership of the PP and its childish behavior. Casado and Ayuso are simple caricatures, Martínez Almeida is a Faust. They form a trinity condemned to entropy. They want the power to live better, not to improve the lives of others.

Married, with nothing to offer other than atavistic behaviors of public school British, has not understood that theirs put it there as a hinge. Ayuso, the perfect incarnation of the first deadly sin, faithfully obeys what the high priests of neoliberalism dictate. Martínez Almeida sold his soul to the PP without being aware of the high moral price that he will inevitably have to pay. Of the three, he is the only one who knows of intelligent life beyond the planet Genoa. However, of the three, he is the one who is making the most mistakes, since he could go down in history as a conservative mayor committed to his city, a mayor capable of reaching agreements with other democratic political forces in hard times, a mayor with institutional loyalty and his own personality, a funny and witty mayor who is also serious and brave. And no, he has decided to bet everything on 13 blue. Ayuso, who has nothing to say for herself, already has MAR, but Casado needs a Count of Olivares.

This Popular Party has taken its low blows to the edge of public management. Why pay with my money what I can pay with everyone’s money? Ayuso has a lot to hide, but he’s in charge. Married has nothing at all. And Martínez Almeida had the opportunity to be a great politician and he wasted it. Now comes the chattering of teeth… and the possible legal responsibilities for taking money from the common fund and dedicating it to private things.