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Married saves ‘in extremis’ the convention of its relaunch thanks to the contrition of Ayuso

On the sixth day the sun rose at the National Convention of the PP. Ayuso arrived, eclipsed the penultimate day of the marathon programmatic assembly organized with the aim of relaunching Pablo Casado’s project, and closed (for now) the schism that she herself had opened with her leader for control of the party in Madrid. The regional president went to the United States and upon her return landed in Valencia with a speech measured down to the last comma to clear up doubts about her loyalty to the national leadership of her organization. And his friend. In Genoa they breathe easy and describe as “success” that their own regional presidents proclaim their “loyalty” to Casado, who has presided over the party for three years.

The star guests and the shadow of corruption cast a shadow over the convention to relaunch Casado

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“I want to make it clear to you that I am perfectly clear where my place is,” Ayuso said surrounded by the rest of the regional presidents of the PP and before an audience that cheered her several times during her brief participation in the convention. But she only spoke for her friend. He recalled their 16 years of relationship, personal and political. And he confirmed: “I am clear that Madrid is my departure and my political goal.”

The tension of the moment was evident. The president of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, wanted to relax the atmosphere with a joke that also sounded a bit like a reproach to Ayuso. “Pablo, I’m not going to move from Murcia either,” he said just after the words of the Madrid president. Later, Casado ate with his regional presidents, including Ayuso. The barons, stone guests at the atonement of the Madrilenian, were not particularly satisfied. Someone expressed in the afternoon that “it was not appropriate” so much prominence for her.

Ayuso’s staging does not imply that peace has reached the PP. It only confirms that the leadership has won the first round. The Madrid president does not renounce to lead the party in her region and the national president reiterated last Friday in an interview that there are two relevant figures in the region, referring to Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida. Genoa maintains the planned calendar, which takes the internal congresses in the uniprovincial communities to the first semester of 2022, as confirmed to elDiario.es by management sources.

In fact, sources close to the president assured after his speech that Ayuso’s studied gesture was addressed solely and exclusively to Casado. Not the rest of the national leadership. Neither for the general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, nor for the “chiquilicuatres” of Genoa or for those who “head” Almeida’s group of advisers, in the words of Esperanza Aguirre, which earned him a very harsh response.

But the truce is better than the war and the leadership of the PP are more than satisfied with the end of the convention. Or so they put it. Sources from Casado’s team pointed out during Saturday afternoon that the PP has managed to spend “five days in the media”, which they considered “a success”. “It gives us diffusion”, they settled. Of course, from the surroundings of García Egea they recognized that “you have to be prepared for everything.”

The number two starred in the other great speech of the day. Much longer, with the whole stage for him. “If we have a government without a party, we will end up without a party and without a government,” he warned from the rostrum in a message that could well be addressed to Ayuso, who was already occupying his seat at the Palau de les Arts, where he arrived two hours after it began. the day.

García Egea demanded “unity” around Casado “to win” after reviewing the regional successes of the previous electoral cycle, without stopping in Madrid in 2019. The general secretary did not set the Madrid elections in May either as the turning point which shows that “you can defeat Pedro Sánchez”, if not the fiascos of the PSOE, and Citizens, in the motions of no confidence in Murcia and Castilla y León that precipitated Ayuso’s call to the polls.

A convention without programmatic novelties

The closing of the National Convention of the PP became an elevation of Casado and a reaffirmation of a leadership that he assumed three years ago.

If throughout the week international leaders, such as Donald Tusk or the former French president twice convicted of corruption, Nicolas Sarkozy, or former Spanish presidents José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy predicted their future successes in their speeches, this Saturday there was a concatenation of speeches by leaders autonomic, provincial and local members of the formation to honor the party president.

“Pablo, three years ago we could not have held this convention. Today we are where we are for having elected Casado as party president. You are the architect of having brought back the PP. You have brought the party back, and with you we will take Spain to the top ”, concluded García Egea, who chose The final countdown de Europe as the soundtrack of his triumphant intervention.

What the convention has not achieved has been to establish a new programmatic or ideological agenda for the party. In fact, the intention to open it to the center-left was quickly unfulfilled due to the absence of speakers from the progressive field in the days prior to the closure of Valencia. As the days went by, there was even a reaffirmation of some positions that were far away from the left, even from the center. Aznar’s phrases about “indigenism” or that Mario Vargas Llosa said that “the important thing about an election is not that there is freedom, but that there is a good vote”.

The day on Saturday concluded with a report of the conclusions of the topics presented the previous days. The party’s deputy general secretaries (Antonio González Terol, Ana Pastor, Elvira Rodríguez, Pablo Montesinos and Jaime de Olano) limited themselves to repeating some ideas raised during the convention, all already known and said a thousand times in the last week, even in the last years. Proof that the conclave has not had the intended ideological and programmatic impact.

Casado has attended all the tables, discussions and panels held throughout the week in Santiago, Valladolid, Madrid, Seville, Cartagena and Valencia. On Sunday, in his speech in the bullring of the Valencian capital that will serve as the closing of the convention, he will present his proposal to unseat Pedro Sánchez when the elections arrive.


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