Monday, October 18

Married to Moreno: You are a “reference of good government for the entire PP” and you have the support to make the best decisions

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has transferred this Friday the president of the Junta and the PP of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno, who has the support of the entire party at the national level to make the “best decisions” and who is today a “reference of good government” for all the popular in Spain.

During his speech in Malaga at the opening ceremony of the PP-A political course, Pablo Casado started it by expressing his excitement at being able to say that the Popular Party is at the forefront of one of the most important regions in Europe and one of the most international of Spain, as is Andalusia, after almost four decades of previous socialist governments.

Two years and eight months of the PP government in Andalusia, as he added, have shown that Andalusians have an executive “attached to the needs” of citizens and at the service of their concerns, always trying to solve problems of an effective way.

Moreno’s management, as the PP leader has emphasized, is “honest and efficient”, which has allowed the arrival to this community of important international investments or that in the second half of the year it is the one that is leading the creation of employment in Spain, something that would be “incredible” during the previous decades of socialist governments.

All this is also being possible, as he has pointed out, with a historical record of investment in public health and education, lowering taxes and eliminating bureaucratic obstacles. The Andalusians, according to Casado, who are entrepreneurs, needed an administration to match and with “stability.”

Casado has transferred to Moreno that his way of managing “responsibly has all the support and affection of the PP at the national level.” “Moreno has become today a reference of good government for all of us and he has the support to continue serving Andalusians and to continue making the best decisions” for all the citizens of this land.

“Moreno is being a great president of the Board, and he will continue to be for many years because he has understood what was lacking in this land,” he added.