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Marshall goes green with its third-generation speakers | Digital Trends Spanish

The line of Wireless speakers for the home of Marshall It’s always been about bringing powerful sound and stylish design to your bookshelf, and the third generation available now takes that a step further today. The new lineup features the small space-friendly Acton III, the mid-size Stanmore III, and the flagship Woburn III loudspeakers.

Everything listeners love about the Marshall speaker line is still here. There’s still decent power on deck with 15-watt tweeter amps on all models, and 30-watt, 50-watt and 90-watt settings for each of the main drivers on the respective speaker models. The Woburn also folds into dedicated mid-frequency drivers for more overall fullness. There’s also strong integration via aptX Bluetooth codec support, plus a variety of wired inputs. But now Marshall is putting an emphasis on some additional modern specs.

For starters, there’s a revitalized focus on green manufacturing. This is nice to see for a category like Bluetooth speakers and headphones, which are produced in such high volume that material manufacturing has had a huge footprint in recent years. On the Acton, Stanmore, and Woburn III speakers, Marshall has switched to nearly PVC-free material options, building these speakers with vegan fabrics and a 70% recycled plastic makeup.

The other key update is the wider soundstage; more specifically that the tweeters on each model are angled more dramatically outwards and the waveguides have been updated. This allows Marshall to achieve a much wider cast in sound projection, which, when combined with the already impressive amplifiers and dedicated woofers seen in the second generation, create quite impressive detail and fullness.

There’s also a placement compensation feature that aims to automatically correct for nearby reflective surfaces to ensure sound is transmitted without unwanted resonance. While this kind of technology can be hit or miss, the new line of speakers will at least do its best to account for resonance without listeners having to turn anything out of the box.

Marshall is also incorporating new automatic over-the-air updates alongside next-gen Bluetooth 5.2, an attempt to “future-proof” the technology in these speakers to keep up with evolving Bluetooth versions. Top this all off with the classic shelf-friendly design, the playful aesthetic options we’ve seen in previous generations, including the textured power toggle switch, and you’ve got one unique looking speaker.

The Acton III drops to $279, the Stanmore III is $369 (both available in black, cream, or brown), and the Woburn III is $579 (in black or cream), all available direct from Marshall Headphones.

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