Wednesday, July 6

Marta del Castillo case: el Cuco and his mother, sentenced to two years in prison for lying in court

Javier García, el Cuco, and his mother, Rosalía García, have learned this Thursday noon of the judge’s ruling that sentences them to two years in prison and a 1,440-euro fine for false testimony. In addition, in terms of civil liability, both will have to compensate each of Marta’s parents with 15,000 euros.

Marta del Castillo’s parents point out that they have “taken away the possibility” of knowing what happened

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This is reflected in the sentence that the judge wanted to notify the accused in person at the Criminal Court number 7 in Seville, two weeks after they admitted having lied in the trial that was held in 2011. At that time, the Cuckoo He denied having been in León XIII’s apartment and, eleven years later, he denied himself, stating that he was present at the place where Marta del Castillo was assassinated in 2009.

In the trial held on May 26 and 27, the Prosecutor’s Office requested eight months in prison for each defendant and the payment of a fine of 1,500 euros, while the private accusation brought by the parents of the young woman and the popular accusation brought by the Association of Victims and Justice they demanded two years in prison, the payment of a fine of 1,800 euros and that, in terms of civil liability, they compensate the parents of Marta DC with a total of 50,000 euros for the moral damages caused.

On their side, the lawyers of the defendants requested their free acquittal and, in a subsidiary manner, that the highly qualified mitigating factor of undue delay be appreciated and that they be sentenced to 45 days in prison and the payment of a fine of 132 euros, a mitigating factor that the judge dismisses because “none of the defenses has expressed since when the procedure has been paralyzed” and because “no paralysis has existed”.

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