Tuesday, July 5

Marta González de Vega in ‘CSI Las Vegas’

The comedian, actress and screenwriter Marta González de Vega came to Madrid almost twenty years ago, where she joined the team of Comedy club. She was clear from a very young age what her vocation was: ” I have no memory in which I did not want to be an actress. At the age of eight I wrote a letter as if it were to the Three Wise Men but addressed to the lords of Madrid. You go to know what I thought the gentlemen of Madrid were. And I gave it to my father to send. My father has kept that letter in a safe ever since. ” In these two decades, Marta has managed to establish herself as a renowned comedy scriptwriter, who has her own monologue on the billboard and who usually embarks on all kinds of projects.

What are you up to lately?

I keep doing my show From Little Red Riding Hood to Wolf in just six uncles, which I did as a result of a book I published in 2015. I have been here for five seasons and we will be back in October. And then this week, I’m on my premiere. I have written with Santiago Segura the saga of Father there is only one and now we premiere on July 9 A full train: Destination Asturias, which is a new family comedy that I hope everyone will like very much. Besides, I am already writing a new film with Santiago Segura. We are writing another to shoot at Christmas. I have also just finished my next book which will also be published next year. And in October, I’m also going to shoot another movie of mine, which I’ll tell you about so you can invite me again.

It seems like you don’t lack work. How did the pandemic affect you?

I’m happy. It is fortunate to be able to work and, above all, that normalcy returns, that people are encouraging themselves to go to theaters, to cinemas … The truth is that it brings joy to life. During the pandemic, a rather embarrassing story happened to me that became popular on social networks because I shared it, because it is a way of doing therapy. I live on a fourth floor and my street is narrow. I have a building in front of me that is quite close together, but the front floor is unoccupied, which is why I usually walked around my house naked. Suddenly, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I see that the apartment has been occupied. Suddenly, I find a boy, wide-eyed, looking towards my house and I … I closed the curtains.

And you didn’t reopen them during the entire pandemic?

I said to myself: “Well, nothing happens. With not going out to the terrace again in the remainder of the pandemic, well, that’s it. Solved. I forget that I have a terrace.” But it was just the first day of the confinement and applause had been called at eight in the afternoon for our toilets. How could I not come out to applaud! And then, of course, there I saw myself, in front of that man, the two of them clapping. At that moment, I thought: “Well, he’s still applauding me for the show I’ve given him.” And of course, two days later I didn’t care. So I did a whole daily thread, which you have in my social networks, during the three months that the confinement lasted. Every day at eight o’clock I published my experience in the applause with the neighbor and my little tricks to hook him up in the distance. But in the end I did not pick it up. There was no luck. Besides There was a girl behind there, who was the same as a girlfriend who lived with him at the time, and the script screwed me up.

I see you take your comedy shows beyond the stage.

Most of the fun that has happened to me has been related to the stage. Something very curious happened to me in Las Vegas, that although they say that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, I am going to tell it here in Humor Cubed. With another comedian partner, Marcos Mas, I became paranoid when we went to Las Vegas on vacation. We had to make some contacts in Los Angeles and I say: “Well, let’s take advantage and go to Las Vegas.” We stayed at the hotel Flamingo, which is one of the most legendary in Las Vegas. But I saw that everyone was coming and going, drunk, to bachelor parties. The rooms were open, with people farting, jumping on the beds. And then I became paranoid that my computer was going to be stolen because I, as a screenwriter, my computer is like an appendage of me. I mean, I can’t separate myself from him.

And what were you doing with the computer? Did you take it with you everywhere?

That was the problem, because we went to see a Show from striptease, as it was his thing, and then I began to get paranoia that the computer that I had left in my hotel room was going to be stolen. And those girls dancing, the guys taking everything away and me: “My computer. My computer. My computer.” Total, that I left the Show. I said, “Marcos, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but I have a super deep intuition that my computer is being stolen.” So I go up to the room and, sure enough, my computer has been stolen. I looked everywhere and he was nowhere to be found. Marcos would say to me: “But how can it be? If mine is there!” And I replied: “Marcos, they would come in, they would see mine faster and they ran away so they wouldn’t be caught. I do not know”.

What can be done in such a situation?

I went down to reception. Look I rode a CSI Las Vegas that you laugh. I mobilized the entire hotel. An inspector came, a six-foot-tall black man. Well, I swear they made a CSI in my room. They went up to take photos, the complaint … and as the inspector goes to the elevator, I say: “Wait, wait, wait. That paranoia entered me before we went to the Show And I think I remember that I hid the computer in my suitcase and put the padlock on it so that it wouldn’t be stolen. “And then I went to the suitcase, praying that it wasn’t there. Look at the level of embarrassment that I had that I thought for myself: “Please don’t be there. Please have it really stolen from me. ” I open the suitcase and there was the computer! I say: “I can’t believe it. The one that I bundled.” And I say: “Marcos, please, go and tell the Inspector that it was a mistake. I can’t face this.” Then Marcos ran after him. I imagine he said to the inspector: “My friend is fatal. She is on medication. She is horrible.”