Tuesday, July 5

Marta Rivera de la Cruz: the political enemy most loyal to Díaz Ayuso returns to the Ministry of Culture

” I have had advisers from exceptional Citizens, such as Marta Rivera de la Cruz. If I have the possibility, I will have her again. ” And he kept his word. Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP) declared on the radio her loyalty to the Minister of Culture and Tourism within hours of striking her down. The president of the Community of Madrid called early elections, erased Ignacio Aguado from the map of the region and reserved the rescue of Rivera de la Cruz. He was not going to betray the political enemy most loyal to his cause, who saw the decline of Ciudadanos come long before the rest.

Nobody outside the PP has been surprised that Díaz Ayuso gave him back the portfolio that manages 0.07% of the Community’s budgets. Since Toni Cantó su put on the blue jacket and appeared in the council of the councils, both intensified their cultural life: they allowed themselves to be seen and photographed together in various saraos, such as the inauguration of an exhibition of sculptures by Antonio López, in the Puerta del Sol, or the reopening of the Corral de la Morería, at the end of May. In the PP things have not sat so well. The large bench of culture in the popular Madrid was already running through the band, ready to jump onto the pitch. However, Ayuso’s decision has left them as decomposed as Toni Cantó, whom the party leadership wanted in the photos of cultural honeys, premiering, inaugurating, presenting well of acts without Covid-19.

Rivera de la Cruz’s former party colleagues – at least those from Congress and the European Parliament – came out to applaud the announcement on his Twitter account that he was again under the command of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (and now, also, Sports). MEP Luis Garicano praised Rivera de la Cruz for his “discretion” and “knowing how to be”, who in order to help the president keep his word, he dropped out of the oranges in May to become the blue ones. , now, in June. “I have never liked to leave,” wrote the author who is clinging to her new career when she left her office in the Congress of Deputies. Garicano is right that Marta has not done anything inappropriate against his interests in these months of hesitation. Yes, he has had time to write opinion columns, like the one he published in Progress about 15M, where he assured that it was a thing of “posh adolescents”, and that when June arrived, in Puerta del Sol, they began to suffocate with “indefinable smell.

The two years of the mandate of Marta Rivera de la Cruz with an orange jacket, started with turbulence: Natalia Álvarez Simó was dismissed at the head of the Teatros del Canal to finger Blanca Li, a famous choreographer already before participating in The resistance of Broncano. From Li’s management at the most important stage unit in Madrid –and probably in Spain– we know that the Paris-based artist is programmed a lot in its center, where workers see little of the director, whose salary amounts to 116,000 euros per year.

The previous legislature has revealed the difficulties that Marta Rivera de la Cruz and her team have –Daniel Martínez Rodríguez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, and Gonzalo Cabrera Martín, General Director of Cultural Promotion– to manage the Ministry. The most serious event happened at the end of 2020, at which time the tender for the management of the Teatros del Canal expired and the counselor did not have the tender specifications worth 10 million euros a year. In November 2019, he had assured in the Madrid Assembly that he would get to work on the procedures and a year later they were still not published. Finally, he presented the new specifications – copied from the draft left by the previous director, Jaime de los Santos (PP) – and the management contest was launched too late. To avoid having to close the theaters until the contest was resolved, it has handed over the extended management to CLECE – a service company owned by Florentino Pérez -, which will take advantage of the months of delay in the award of the new contract to expand its services and invoices .

Inaction and the shortage of aid to cultural industries in pandemic have been the most common criticisms of the mandate of the former president of the Culture Commission of the Congress of Deputies, where the writer graduated in politics for three years and a half. For example, at this time the producers of music festivals that are closing the 2022 program, clean of Coronavirus, do not know what are the protocols to follow, because the Ministry continues without publishing them.

The most difficult chapter for Rivera de la Cruz was the one starring Jesús Cimarro, in the Madrid Assembly. In a historic appearance, the most important theater entrepreneur in the country unambiguously denounced the lack of transparency, empathy and money – compared to the Ministry of Culture and the Madrid City Council – of the counselor and her team. ” He lost the game by a landslide, ” Cimarro said. That day, the only person in the room who defended Rivera de la Cruz’s management was the PP spokesman, Pedro Corral, who also wanted to be a counselor. He applauded the councilor for having done everything possible to keep the theaters in the capital open. At least, those who were able to do it with very limited capacity (especially the public).

The book sector has denounced the same shortcomings and difficulties with her and with her squires, although they were on the verge to save the Book Fair in October: they injected 300,000 euros into the organization to guarantee compensation in the event of cancellation. Finally, the booksellers decided that the appointment would be canceled.

Nor did it prevent the eviction on Christmas Eve of the dancer and choreographer Aída Gómez, former director of the Spanish National Ballet and 2004 National Dance Prize, from the Pozuelo hall where she rehearsed and promoted classical dance together with her company, since 2012. The Pozuelo councilor for culture had agreed with Rivera de la Cruz on the decision to unilaterally terminate the contract and leave Aída Gómez on the street, but no one notified the creator until Christmas.

More focused on creating a tourism project for culture, Marta Rivera de la Cruz has allowed two years to pass without reforming the Heritage Law of the Community of Madrid, which in 2013 approved the PP and a few months later overthrew the Constitutional Court for finding eight of its unconstitutional articles. Since then, the historical and artistic legacy of the region has remained in the dark. Although she never found harmony with the deputies of her own party in the Assembly these two years, the legislature that starts now will be more politically complicated for her because she will have to look for alliances in Vox. The far-right party preferred another councilor like Jaime de los Santos, with whom Rocío Monasterio maintains a good relationship. In addition, the support that the new government colleagues will offer to Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s friend remains to be seen.