Monday, November 29

Martín Guzmán: “We want to reach an agreement with the IMF before March”

“What would help us the most is to close an agreement in which we can carry out our vision to calm the Argentine economy,” he reiterated.

Then he pointed to the opposition: “It would help us if the power factors of our society in a negotiation, which is geopolitical, support us to be able to solve this problem in a virtuous way. It is a path that we must travel. On many occasions, behaviors are observed. that go against the interests of our nation state. A change would be very important. “

When someone puts the burden of the blame for not closing on the side of Argentina, and also when lobbying against Argentina in the context in which the country clearly presented what it seeks to achieve, it does a lot of damage. When someone is accused of lying, for speaking, for stating that what happened in 2018 with the agreement with the International Monetary Fund was to privilege the interests of private creditors who were above the people, they are also playing against the homeland, because indeed what happened at that time was an election, “the minister sentenced, alleging a lack of responsibility.

However, he clarified that “they are not all”: “I know that in the opposition there are people who want Argentina to do well.”

On the other hand, the minister denied the possibility of Argentina not making an agreement and clarified that what is sought is to negotiate whether to harm the country: “The worst thing that would be done for Argentina is a bad agreement. There is nothing worse than That. It would greatly damage the credibility already hit after the collapse of the economic model of the previous government, which followed a great wave of optimism. A bad deal would be like the one made by the previous government. It would mean aborting the economic recovery and would not address any of the issues. Argentina’s structural problems. We are looking for an agreement that works. A good one. That allows us to give continuity to the process of solving the structural and conjunctural problems of the Argentine economy in line with the public policy scheme proposed by the national government. We work to it”.

Finally, despite rumors that Argentina would not have presented a consistent macroeconomic program to the Fund, Guzmán denied it: “LArgentina made it very clear what the multi-year macroeconomic programming is aimed at. On that basis we seek an agreement. It is very important to be able to build the support of the international community and of the entire national community, of all power factors, to support a process that will also generate more trust. The more extensive and widespread the support of the power factors in Argentina, the more force we will have in the negotiations. This will be the process to continue to regain confidence and for the recovery to be more solid. Negotiations take time and we work in detail. “

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