Monday, September 27

Martínez Dalmau leaves and Illueca enters the Valencian Government: Podem bets on “realism” and “institutional loyalty”

The transfer of portfolios in the second vice-presidency of the Valencian Government, after the internal crisis of Podem, has been like a (political) funeral with smiles and without tears. With each family of the purple formation separated by currents and with the assistance of the cousins ​​from outside (the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón and the Minister of Social Affairs and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarra, in addition to the leader of the United Left Enrique Santiago or Professor Juan Carlos Monedero), the event at the Palau de Pineda also brought together members of the Consell such as Vice President Mónica Oltra or Councilor Rosa Pérez Garijo. The internal crisis in Podem closes after two weeks of instability that have affected the image of the Botanical Pact on its purple flank.

The deceased (politician) has assured that being vice president of the regional Executive has been the most important experience of his life. “I go back to the university knowing that we have done our homework,” said Rubén Martínez Dalmau. In the second row, the general secretary of Podem, Pilar Lima, was carefully observing the speech of the second vice president until now, with whom he has had such notorious confrontations that they have ended with his return to his job at the University of Valencia. “The confluences have been wide in all the senses”, has slipped in reference to the vice-president Mónica Oltra.

Martínez Dalmau has expressed his chest for the housing policies that he has piloted from his ministry and has assured that “neoliberalism has failed.” “The best response to the economic and social crisis is to work for the general interest, strengthening the public and the common,” he added. The former head of Housing has declined to leave messages to Pilar Lima in his speech, in a clear bet to turn the page peacefully. Thus, Martínez Dalmau has focused on reeling off what he has described as the “Valencian way for the right to housing”. “My team and I joined the Botànic on this premise for more than two years.”

Illueca has arrived supported by the staff of United We Can and has praised his predecessor by assuring: “Assuming a position of such complexity is easier in view of what I have received.” The new second vice president has vindicated the “progressive, ecological and socialist thought”. “I am a person of the left, republican, feminist and eco-socialist,” he said.

The new holder of the Housing portfolio in the Valencian Government has opted for “bioclimatic construction”. “It is not only what we produce that matters but the way we produce,” he stated in reference to cement and concrete, two key elements in the Valencian economy that “have been associated for decades with the enrichment of a few.”

Thus, Illueca has ensured that its management will be based on “realism” and “institutional loyalty.” The second vice president closed his speech with a quote from Pope Francis, for whom he has “deep intellectual respect.” After appearing before the press and taking an emotional photograph with his godparents, Illueca went to the Palau de la Generalitat, where from now on an appointment awaits him every Friday.

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