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Marvel and Adidas release line inspired by Wakanda Forever | Digital Trends Spanish

the stars of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever return to the big screen in style thanks to a partnership with a popular designer brand. Marvel and Adidas revealed their design collaboration on character outfits and footwear for the sequel to Black Panther. Featured characters include Shuri, Okoye, andRiri.

This marks the first time that Marvel has partnered with a sportswear company for costumes. Ruth E. Carter, the veteran designer who won an Oscar for costume design for Black Pantheroversaw the project with a team made up predominantly of female designers and from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as members of the Adidas School for Experiential Design Education (SEED).

“Adidas has been a part of hip-hop and black fashion and culture since the ’80s. Working with the Adidas design team to bring our visions for the Wakanda Forever costumes to life was an exciting and wonderful collaboration,” he said. Sump. “Together with Adidas, our ideas were able to evolve in imaginative ways until we ended up with the stunning inspired outfits that can be seen throughout the film.”

Each suit was designed using state-of-the-art technology, and the final product reflected each character’s specific personality. The footwear complemented the outfits and reflected the futuristic society of Wakanda. The designers made sure that these pieces were versatile and functional so that they would fit perfectly into every scene.

“We want our work on these suits and footwear to be remembered for their inventive take on functional innovation and how they help tell the story of every scene they appear in. What is most unique about these pieces is their connection to sport and performance; the women who wear them in the film play such powerful characters, and the connection between their outfits and performance innovations to the brand is really special,” said Emily Jagos, director of Adidas. “Each piece in the collection was designed by a group of female designers and BIPOC, so there has been an incredible female force behind the design and production of the suits, underscoring our own power and potential as creatives.”

A group of women pose and sit on the stairs for the Wakanda Forever collection.

Costume collaborations expand on previously announced Marvel Studios x adidas Wakanda Forever Collection. This unique and one-of-a-kind collection features apparel and footwear inspired by the people and culture of Wakanda. Footwear for sports like running and soccer and gender-neutral silhouettes are some of the highlights of the collection.

Black Panther: Wakanda Foreveropens in theaters on November 11.

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