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Marvel will release game with Captain America and Black Panther | Digital Trends Spanish

During the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at D23, it was revealed that Skydance New Media’s new Marvel game features four different superheroes in a WWII story. A trailer showed Captain America and Black Panther, along with Private Gabriel Jones and Nanali from Wakanda. While the game doesn’t have a title, it does have a tagline: “Four Heroes. Two worlds. A war”.

Untitled Black Panther and Captain America Game Reveal Trailer | Disney & Marvel Games Showcase

In this game, players can take on the role of a young Steve Rodgers as Captain America. Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather, takes up the mantle of Black Panther during the World War II era. Gabriel Jones is a soldier and part of the Howling Commandos, a combat unit led by Rodgers. Nanali is a spy and leader of the Wakanda Spy Network.

The reveal trailer has a few hints as to what the game could be about. A document with the Hydra symbol can be seen, so the group will definitely be an antagonist in the game. In one of the last shots showing the four heroes, the Red Skull symbol can also be seen in the background.

Captain America’s shield is shown with claw marks, indicating that he and Black Panther will have some sort of encounter. That is further teased when both Captain America and Gabriel are looking at Black Panther, who is getting ready to jump.

No other details about the game were announced, including its real name, what platforms it would be on, or any kind of release window. Whether it’s a completely single-player game is unknown, but having a cast of four characters could also invite some co-op functionality, similar to Gotham Knights.

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