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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: A Necessary Reissue | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the problems of the video game industry in recent decades has been the lack of preservation. Many titles, from PS1 onwards, were imprisoned on their original platforms and, for X or Y reasons, they cannot be played again if it is not on the hardware for which they were designed.

Mass effectFortunately, he did not suffer from this problem, although only in part. The Xbox 360 versions of the trilogy are compatible with the newer Xboxes, but not the PlayStation 3 versions. Mass Effect Legendary Edition, then, it manages to solve that by making the three games work on new hardware (old and new generation consoles) and also giving a little facelift to all of them.

This new presentation of Mass effect now displays games at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, plus functional fixes; For example, the loading screens disguised as elevators in the first game have been significantly reduced. In general, these enhancements make games look good, but they are not a remake kind Demon’s Souls on PS5, therefore all three continue to look like titles of their year, now cleaner.

If the audiovisual has few changes, the interactive runs the same way. The three Mass effect they have relatively few novelties regarding new mechanics or adjustments. Those that exist are not radical; in the case of the first game, the new version makes the Mako vehicle a much more controllable device than in 2007. Some fans, yes, prefer the original version, but beyond that, the new control of the Mako does not make it a a Formula 1 or anything like that. The feeling it remains the same, only now the device is a little less hit and miss.

On Mass effect 2 Y Mass effect 3, small mechanical adjustments become less pronounced if you like. And this is not bad or anything, but an x-ray of the time in which they were created: as Bioware was adjusting the pulse, each game advanced in some respects compared to the previous one. And thus, the games in this trilogy feel more modern as the number of the title increases.

The above also responds to the fact that each game was more shooter and less action RPG than the previous one, but that was discussed at length at the time and there is no point in raising that conversation again.

The modernity of the original design of the three games is what stands out the most in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Because in general, it is very clear that Mass effect It is a trilogy that stands the test of time very well. The former looks and feels like a game from 2007, but is perfectly playable in 2021. That’s not something that can be said for all 2007 games and what’s more: even newer or older generation titles, to today they have a feeling weird, as if time had left them behind.

The three Mass effect originals, with their successes and mistakes, can be enjoyed without any problem by someone who did not know or play the original saga. Because they are well-planned and well-implemented games from their most basic design and therefore remain fresh even almost 15 years later. This phenomenon is less frequent than it seems, especially in the 3D era; in that sense, post-2000 games have aged worse than those of the era pixel art and 16-bit or lower, which responds to technology and design maturity issues.

It’s hard to find games born in the early years of the Xbox 360 and PS3 that feel solid so long afterward.

And that is why the legendary edition of Mass effect is a product that serves to revitalize the status of these games in front of more modern audiences. There are many people who never played Mass effect at the time and this Legendary Edition is the perfect starting point. There are times when a superficial soda makes a lot more sense than a remake full, for whatever reasons. Mass Effect Legendary Edition It’s one of those occasions, as EA and Bioware seem to have understood what made the original trilogy so great and why it was a good idea to tweak them, but not too much.

I wish they had understood it also with Mass Effect Andromeda.

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