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Mastodon challenges Twitter and increases number of users | Digital Trends Spanish

Mastodon is a decentralized social network, this means that it is a platform that works with open source, without algorithm influence and with much less advertising. And the arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter has given him an unprecedented boost, since he announced the significant increase in users in recent days.

The notice was paradoxically given in the social network of the “little bird”.

The number of people who switched over to #mastodon in the last week alone has surpassed 230 thousand, along with many returning to old accounts bumping the network to over 655 thousand active users, highest it's ever been!

why? 👉 https://t.co/9Ik30hT3xR

— Mastodon (@joinmastodon) November 3, 2022

Mastodon noted that 230,000 people have joined its platform in the last week alone. Thanks to these new registrations, as well as people returning to the old accounts they had previously set up, the network now has 655,000 active users, the post noted.

The CEO of the microblogging platform, Eugen Rochko, analyzed a few years with Digital Trends what does your platform mean:

“The problem with developing their own protocols is that they mostly have commercial interests that contradict the interests of users. There is advertising, algorithms to drive engagement,” he maintained.

However, not everything has been smooth sailing for Mastodon, as new users have been confused at first.

As Techcrunch puts it, “some users came to Mastodon without a full understanding of how a decentralized social network works and have found the process confusing or too technical. Unlike Twitter, or any other traditional social network, users don’t just create an account and start posting. First they have to choose a server to join as their Mastodon home. This is the part that trips people up, as they don’t know where to find a list of servers, how to choose the right one, or whether or not they’re limited to chatting with people on that server only. This could also deter them from exploring Mastodon further.”

Each Mastodon server is operated by a different individual or organization and can set their own moderation policies. But users are not limited to just communicating with friends on their own server – you can find and follow friends anywhere on the network.

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