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Matrix and ‘queer’ metaphors: a cultural and political debt

“Let me tell you why you are here. You are here because you know something. You can’t explain it but you feel it. You have felt it your whole life. […] You don’t know what it is but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you crazy. ”

20 years of ‘Matrix’: when many of us thought it was not necessary to take the red pill

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This script snippet from Matrix (1999) sounds like a prayer in the desert for every trans person, or armed in some way, who is more or less trained to ask to be seen without being noticed that they are asking. The saga, especially the first film, chains encapsulated meanings one after another that quite clearly draw the contours of a trans experience or of liberation from what is imposed on the intimacies and identities of the characters.

This has been written long and hard until all debate was settled by one of the creators, Lilly Wachowski, in an interview for the YouTube channel Netflix Film Club in the summer of 2020. In it, she clearly stated that “Matrix It’s a trans metaphor. That was the initial intention but the world wasn’t quite ready. I’m glad it finally came to light. ”

Matrix is ​​a trans metaphor. That was the initial intention but the world was not quite ready

Lilly wachowski
Co-director of the first ‘Matrix’ trilogy

Often, from the LGTBIQ + culture, the “language of the enemy” is spoken of in reference to all those set phrases and terminological collections coined by science and cisheterosexual sociology with which generations of people queer, especially trans, have been forced to define their life experiences: “inhabiting the wrong body”, “being born X but feeling Z”, and so on. A little of this is in what was left in the script of Matrix once the intentionality has been duly censored.

The voices of the two women who wrote the film ended up adapting to production interests and with the slab of cisheterosexual reaction threatening all the content and the future careers of the directors. Still, with due attention, they made themselves heard loud and clear. What happened? That this severed script remained in the use of very simple metaphors, very clear for an audience that knows how to identify them, but general enough to be robbed by the intellectual carrion that lives crouched in the ant hills of the far right and the conspiracy of mystery.

The ones with the red pill

The Matrix speaks of transformation, liberation, identity, the possibility of choosing who we are, of being welcomed in an environment of outcasts that move away from the norm and, above all, of love.

How is it possible that something with such a precise intention has ended up in the hands of the worst of virtual culture?

The conspiratorial far right and its anti-cultural appendages like the MTGOW (Men Going Their Own Way), Organizations such as QAnon and well-known anti-feminist, misogynist and harassment-related forums for women and LGTBIQ + people lack their own culture. They work, no matter how much they mention “facts” and “data” without stopping, by dint of supremacist beliefs, dogmas and daydreams in which they are the chosen ones in a world that is rotting. This deficiency is solved by plundering ambivalent, general concepts or those that have a minimum grip with which to turn them around.

The narrative of deliverance, the chosen one, and identity in the Matrix works wonders in this regard. According to these people, those who take the metaphorical red pill are the ones who wake up and discover the deception, the control society, the chips in the vaccines, the Marxist-Vatican conspiracy, the queer lobby, gender criticism, cultural Marxism, parental alienation syndrome and the manufacture of viruses in laboratories in China.

It is still paradoxical that a guy like Elon Musk, through his large-scale toy store financed by the emeralds that his family looted during Apartheid, is filling the Earth orbit with satellites with unclear purposes while leading the speech. redpiller (those who choose the red pill) of control and hypervigilance. Luckily the eldest of the Wachowskis publicly sent him to hell for referring to the red pill on Twitter. Since we are talking about cognitive dissonances, it is clear that there is no ambiguity in what the creators think of those who try to use the Matrix as a supremacist fable. All appropriation in this sense is spurious and false.

The Wachowski sisters and ‘Matrix: Resurrections’

Whether the Matrix saga is a trans allegory or not, which it is, the truth is that it belongs to culture queer because its creators are and because it develops between parameters that are outside the cisheterosexual logic. This culture, until very recently, already in the 21st century, has not been the owner or creator of the tools it needed to develop in all its authenticity. That which we mentioned before the “language of the enemy”.

If the first three films represented such an important break in audiovisual codes and changed the way the action is narrated forever, let’s imagine what we can expect from Matrix: Resurrections Now that there is no reason to hide tracks of liberation for initiates, now that there are no ambiguities that serve to rob it, now that the narrative is master of itself and does not drag the complexes and fears of twenty years ago. Nothing human exists at all without the incorporation of a part of its culture, in this case the queer. Ignoring her only keeps society in a reactive infantilism that makes her turn her head to something that could fascinate her only because of the lack of contact with her or that she does not appreciate her in all her greatness because she has been reinterpreted so that she does not escape logic tolerable.

Hopefully this fourth installment of the saga will make things clear and put an end to the acultural gimmicks of those who do not want to see beyond their patio. You don’t have to belong to a group to enjoy any beauty it can offer and learn from it.