Wednesday, October 5

Matt Smith: from frustrated footballer to House of the Dragon | Digital Trends Spanish

The 39-year-old actor Matt Smith is perhaps going through his period of greatest professional prosperity with the leading role in House of the Dragon. He also played in Doctor Who and The Crown, but he does have a frustrated dream, to be a professional footballer.

In the new series, Matt plays Daemon Targaryen in the new show House of the Dragon.

But his career could have ended in English Premier League:

He began his sports career as a promising youth player for Leicestery City in England, and from there he moved to Nottingham Forest, however, an injury at the age of 16 forced him to leave the game, with pain in his soul.

“It was really hard though,” he revealed in a recently resurfaced interview with Esquire magazine in 2010. “I remember crying, because that was all I had invested in. I hadn’t really considered acting.”

In another interview with Kirsty Young on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Matt revealed that, “I felt like I was so sure that’s what I was going to do. It was very difficult for me to tell people that I had been released because the vain part of me was like, I am that and I am the footballer, you know, and at school I was the footballer and suddenly I wasn’t that.

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