Sunday, April 2

Mattarella calls for reforms and the urgent reconstruction of Italy in his oath of office

Correspondent in Rome



«It’s been a rough week for everyone, Also for me. Now we must rebuild Italy. We cannot afford delays or uncertainties in the country’s emergencies,” President Sergio Mattarella said in Parliament in his inauguration speech, interrupted 54 times by applause from standing deputies and senators. Sergio Matarella, 80 years old, was sworn in as President of the Republic on Thursday afternoon, the same day he concluded his first seven-year term as Head of State.

The inauguration ceremony for another seven-year term took place at the Montecitorio Palace, seat of the Chamber of Deputies, where on Saturday he was re-elected in the eighth vote, after a week of tension and chaos, as the parties did not agree to find him a successor.

Mattarella obtained 759 votes (the quorum was 505), becoming in the most voted president after Sandro Pertini in 1978.

The need for reforms, justice, employment, women and youth, the fight against inequality and the coronavirus were the main themes of Mattarella’s speech, which lasted 40 minutes, with a long list of objectives to meet.

“The quality of democracy depends on the reforms,” ​​said the President of the Republic, underlining the urgency of carrying them out. Among the announced reforms that must be applied immediately, he highlighted that of Justice, with a slap on the wrist of the judiciary due to the struggles between the different currents of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. The president warned that for too long this “has become a battlefield that has often made us lose sight of the interests of the community.”

«Esperanza» was the word most used by President Mattarella seven years ago, in his speech on February 3, 2015. This Thursday the most repeated term was “dignity” of the person as a specific objective of politics: 18 times, Parliament (8) , national unity (8), Constitution (6), democracy (6), commitment (6).

employment for youth and women’s equality they are a constant concern for President Mattarella: «The marginalization of women is one of the factors slowing down our development, as well as a sign of civil, cultural and human backwardness. Many, too many young people are often forced into low-paid, precarious jobs. It is not dignity to have to choose between work and motherhood,” Mattarella stressed.

Support for the Draghi government

There has been no lack of explicit support for Prime Minister Mario Draghi, a political creature of his, since he called him just a year ago to form a government of national unity, given the fragmentation and inability of parliament to achieve a stable government majority. Mattarella recalled that the National Unity Executive It was born “in the midst of the emergency” and now it is “projected to overcome it, laying the foundations for a new season of sustainable growth for the country and Europe.”

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