Thursday, July 7

Mauricio Macri: “In Argentina, Cristina Fernández is the boss”



Mauricio Macri he does not hesitate when ABC asks him: who is in charge in Argentina ?: «Manda Cristina (Fernández)», he replies. The president of Argentina between 2015 and 2019, passing through Madrid to present his book ‘Primer tiempo’ and participate in the XIV Atlantic Forum, he reacts with a stern gesture when asking him to confirm whether Alberto Fernandez is, as they said to Nestor Kirchner in Argentina regarding Eduardo Duhalde, ‘el chirolita’ (ventriloquist) of the current vice president. Macri, more condescending, prefers to develop his proposal to “integrate the central banks of Brazil and Argentina” and seek a single currency: “Of course, Argentina has to go to a macroeconomic integration with Brazil, with the entire Mercosur (South American Common Market)” .

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