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May the force be with you: more than a wish for good luck | Digital Trends Spanish

Today is the fourth day of the fifth month of the year and, if you didn’t already know, it’s not just any day –at least–, not for fans of starwars. Specifically, this day has a lot to do with one of the most iconic phrases in the history of cinema.

We refer to “May the Force be with you”, which in Spanish is usually translated as “May the Force be with you” (or “May the Force be with you”). But also in English the fourth of May is said “May the fourth”, which gives rise to the play on words “May the fourth be with you”: “May the fourth of May be with you”.

Whatever: the prayerMay the Force be with you” is used as a wish for success or good luck, especially when two characters take different paths or one of them had to face a great challenge.

What is sought with this expression is that the power of the Force works together with the other person so that their objectives are achieved in a better way.

At the beginning of the story this phrase was used as a formal way of saying goodbye and good luck among the Jedi and members of the Jedi High Council. However, it was soon adopted by those who did not have this characteristic.

In this way, the expression has become a constant for many characters in the films and has managed to transcend the limits of the saga.

Thus, for example, the expression has earned a place in popular culture and a few years ago it was ranked eighth on the list of the best 100 movie phrases of all time.

As a context, this expression would have been taken from Catholicism, specifically from the phrase “May the Lord be with you.”

How many times has the Force been alluded to?

With regard to the constant reference made in the movies to “May the Force be with you”, a few years ago Disney published a video showing all the occasions in which a character has alluded to the Force.

This served to quantify references to this concept. According to the registry, there have been 161 times that someone has mentioned the Force in all its variants, which includes “May the Force be with you”.

So we have to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story of 2016 leads the count with 46 mentions, followed by A new hope (22), Revenge of the Sith (twenty), The Empire Strikes Back (16), the last jedi (14), the phantom menace (14), return of the jedi (10), The Force Awakens (10) and Attack of the clones (9).

The only one that escapes this trend is Only, that doesn’t even once mention the Force.

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