Monday, October 18

Mazo registered a new earthquake of magnitude 4.3 tonight, felt in several municipalities of La Palma

An earthquake of magnitude 4.3 shook the island of La Palma last night, at 10:46 p.m., with an epicenter in the municipality of Villa de Mazo and a focus at very deep levels, 39 kilometers from the surface, according to the National Geographic Institute ( IGN) on its website.

The earthquake has been felt in several municipalities of La Palma. The IGN assigns an intensity of III-IV (between “weak” and “widely observed”), on a scale with a maximum of XII and in which, below V, it is considered that movement has not generated any damage.

In the early hours of this Monday, the 11th, 22 earthquakes were noted. Three of them have been of magnitude 3.3, in Mazo and Fuencaliente, and 11 and 13 kilometers deep. The rest of the earthquakes have ranged from 3.2 to 2.5 in magnitude, located at great depths ranging from 9 to 37 kilometers.

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