Wednesday, December 8

McAfee has been sold for 14,000 million dollars, the future is to go back to being a private company

The computer security products company McAfee has been bought by an investment group. The transaction has been valued at more than 14,000 million dollars, and in recent days there had already been talk of a potential purchase operation.

This company, founded in 1987, had recently gone public again, but its future is that of to become a private company again that, yes, it will continue to focus on its “cybersecurity solutions for consumers.”

From hand to hand

This objective is not strange considering that in July the company got rid of its business solutions division, that they finished in the hands of Symphony Technology for 4,000 million dollars.

The company founded by John McAfee —Which ended up leaving it in 1994— became a benchmark in this market. It was bought by Intel in 2010 for $ 7.68 billion., and those responsible ended up blurring the brand and promoting those products as part of the ‘Intel Security’ brand.

In Intel they ended up selling their majority stake to an investment company called TPG Capital. Just going public again in October 2020 after nine years operating as a private company, but that stage seems to have an expiration date, because its new owners aim to make it stop being a public company again.

The investment group that has acquired McAfee is made up of several companies, and the agreement is expected to closes during the first half of 2022.

The movements in the cybersecurity industry continue to take place: just three months ago we were witnessing the surprise of the acquisition of Avast by Norton for 8,000 million dollars.

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