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McDonald’s against Menoc Donald, the unequal war with a hamburger restaurant in Cádiz: “They have not been fair”

Three young people walk down Sagasta street in Cádiz and approach a hamburger restaurant that has been operating for three decades. They know that it has changed its name a few days ago and they laugh about it. It has always been the Menoc Donald and now it has been renamed Menoc Burger because the hamburger giant has asked them in a friendly way to change the name.

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“If we used to come with a certain frequency before, now we will come even more. It is absurd for such a large company to look at the name of a small hamburger restaurant,” says Jorge at the very door of the establishment. All of Cádiz has found out and McDonald’s request has created a tremendous support effect for the small establishment on social networks. The boomerang effect has led to talk of a boycott of the American company.

You have to go back a month to know the origin of this bizarre story. José Antonio Calvo, owner of the hamburger restaurant, would never have imagined what was going to happen: “A little over a month ago I received a burofax telling me that there was a play on words that encouraged plagiarism and that I should change the name of the establishment. If we didn’t do it amicably, they would go for the legal one. I didn’t even think about it because fighting them is hitting a wall. I would have a lot to lose and very little to gain, so we agreed and changed it.”

In reality, nothing has changed in the Cadiz hamburger restaurant. The clientele continues to consume its famous calzonettis and its chicken sandwich because the name change is the least of it. Yes, the fame that surrounds the establishment has changed. “We are a bit overwhelmed, it has gotten out of hand,” acknowledges the owner.

What has made McDonald’s now remember a hamburger restaurant in Cádiz that has been working under that name for so many years? Calvo doesn’t explain it to him: “I don’t know why it happened after 34 years, I don’t know if anyone has denounced it. When we put the name, there was no McDonalds in Cádiz, they set it up many years later”.

The first step has been to change the label and remove the previous name from social networks, but the owner is clear that the people of Cadiz will continue to call it the same way. “They have insisted that we send photos of the billboards and they have been satisfied that we now call ourselves Menoc Burger. But in Cádiz we are well known and they will continue to call us as before, that is clear”.

David against Goliath

This newspaper has contacted the central administration of McDonald’s to find out the reason that made it request the name change of the small company from Cadiz at this time. Yes, there has been a lot of activity on social networks, where personalities from the city have positioned themselves on the side of the smallest.

“I still prefer the Menoc Donald and the Menoc Burguer. For attention, for quality, because he has been in the city for more than 30 years and because no matter how much they force him to remove his name, they will never be able to remove his unmistakable stamp,” says the city’s mayor, José María González, Kichi .

José Manuel Serrano Cueto, film director and writer, reflects on this: “It turns out that now Menoc Donald as a name is the same as Mc Donald’s. It is as if I set up a clothing store, I call it El Porte Inglés, and El Corte Inglés sends me a burofax. Did McDonald’s have Menoc Donald’s name registered?

The occurrences have not stopped in the last hours on social networks. “Menoc I’m going to go,” says a publication that has gone viral. There has been a boost that is linked to the awareness that exists in the capital of Cadiz with the support of small businesses. “When I saw the name change I was stunned, after more than 30 years. I understand that a global company does not understand our idiosyncrasy, our irony. They may see you as a potential smear or mockery hazard. After so many years, its stable clientele will continue”, says Estherwin.

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