Monday, January 17

McDonald’s and Chargebox Net will install charging stations for electric cars in the AMBA

The agreement responds to the conclusions of a report by the Association of Automotive Dealers (Acara), which recorded that the number of patented hybrid and electric vehicles in the country went from 1,610 in 2020 to 3,760 in 2021.

Thus, Chargebox Net and Golden arches Argentina will initially install 14 charging stations in the Metropolitan Area to reach 30 -as a base- throughout the country, according to the strategic plan to 2023.

In this way, the fast food chain stores will have an exclusive and marked parking space for said service.

The agreement will make available semi-fast charging stations with Type 2 outlets, whose average charging speed will allow customers to achieve an approximate 20% charge in 45 minutes.

Those who require the service must purchase a card on the website of the provider company and enable it to activate the load.


“The focus of our network is to accommodate the routine of users, and we know that this alliance will give us greater coverage and a great user experience for our service proposal”said Nicolás Nervi, founding partner of Chargebox Net.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Lopardo, general director of Arcos Dorados Argentina, said that “this initiative is not only beneficial for our clients, but it is another step for Arcos Dorados in the Climate Change axis of our Recipe of the Future, by offering alternative accessibility to sustainable mobility “.

The service company made its chargers available in strategic locations -30 distributed in CABA and the province of Buenos Aires, and a projection of 200 new points for the next two years between fast and super fast chargers.

Chargebox Net represents the companies Wallbox, a Spanish company that designs, develops and manufactures chargers in Europe, and EV-Box based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with more than 300,000 chargers sold worldwide.