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McDonald’s creates the gamer chair that resists grease | Digital Trends Spanish

Video games often come out better hungry and with a good hamburger, fries and a drink on the side, thinking about that and in the context of the launch of their latest McCrispy chicken sandwich, the people of McDonald’s presented a gamer chair that does not get dirty with grease.

The McCrispy Ultimate comes equipped with dual side trays, one perfectly fitted to hold a box of McDonald’s Large Gold Fries and the other serving as a burger “heat zone” to keep sandwiches warm.

McDonald’s is releasing a gaming chair called the McCrispy.

The chair includes a hot box to keep you warm while gaming 🤔

— Esports (@esports) November 7, 2022

The side of the chair’s chip holder also has twin slots carved into it to hold a couple of dipping sauces. Drink holders and napkin holders are also included.

The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair comes with a stain-proof leather treatment and subtly-marked towel, so gamers can be sure their thrones will stand up to sweaty sessions and greasy fingers. A small black pillow attached to the headrest means the chair could also double as a sleeping bed in a pinch.

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