Wednesday, December 8

McDonald’s presents a Service Experience with the new Digital Kiosks

Arcos Dorados, McDonald’s brand operator in the region, launched its new service experience at his restaurant located on Calle 50 in Panama City.

It consists of a differentiated service modality to provide its customers with an innovative way to enjoy their products, through a transformation in the areas of service, hospitality and attention.

This new service experience includes a significant technological investment with the incorporation of digital kiosks in restaurants as a new option so that customers can make their personalized order through a touch screen.

In these kiosks, customers can, in addition to placing their own order, choose the ingredients they want for them and now select the new delivery option to the table.

“We know that our customers are always looking for innovation in their experience and the same high quality of our menu. That is why this new service model comes to make things easier for them by offering a more personalized, dynamic and fast service with the use of technological resources added to new employee positions to enrich each of their visits. “ express Loney Armijo, managing director of Arcos Dorados Panamá.

The kiosks have the option to place the order to be delivered to the table and also choose to receive the dessert at the end of the meal. The alternative of placing your order in the traditional boxes arranged for this purpose is maintained.

This technological innovation is accompanied by a growth in the number of employees of the restaurant where it is implemented, with new positions such as Leaders Customer Experience who are in charge of hospitality and customer support during their order and throughout their visit and with those in charge of Delivery to table who make sure that the customer receives their order and enjoys it comfortably.

“This new experience is an alternative for our customers when ordering their food, which is added to the traditional service boxes and implies new job opportunities, since Experience Leaders and employees who deliver the orders to the desk.” added Armijo.

Arcos Dorados has developed a previous plan to adapt its restaurants and comprehensive training for its employees for this innovative service.

Armijo commented that “we trust in the development of our people and in their talent. Constant training and qualification are part of our genetics and for this reason we have methodologies and tools that allow us to facilitate our operation and enrich the experience of our clients. “

This new Arcos Dorados service model is backed by investments in the opening of new restaurants, modernization of existing restaurants, offering an unbeatable service, providing new employment opportunities accompanied by technological innovation.

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