Friday, December 3

McDonald’s renews its Gran Día solidarity campaign and will donate everything it collects from the sale of its Big Macs

The Big Day is a day of solidarity in which McDonald’s commitment to the community is reflected. All proceeds from the sale of Big Mac – which can now be purchased in advance with a debit and credit card through the QR code or Prisma Medios de Pago button – will go to Fundación Sí’s University Residences program, which provides support for young graduates from rural secondary schools and / or far from urban centers who do not have the material resources to carry out their university studies; and Casa Ronald, which has been working in Argentina since 1993, with the mission of keeping together families who must travel to undergo medical treatment for children who are experiencing a severe illness. The house has already helped more than 260,000 children and families across the country through 11 programs.

The Big Day is a day of solidarity and always very special for all of us at McDonald’s, where we come together to help those who need it most. We are going through a very special moment, just recovering from the pandemic and therefore, more than ever, we need the support and solidarity of all Argentines to help Casa Ronald and Fundación Sí, two organizations that represent help to children and their families. , and the search for opportunities for the youngest, causes that are rooted in the heart of our company ”, announced Eduardo Lopardo, CEO of McDonald’s in Argentina.

A simple way to help

This year, for the first time, McDonald’s made an alliance with Prisma Medios de Pago, thanks to which, from Monday, November 1, those who want to start helping with the purchase of the Big Mac sandwich will be able to do so through a QR code or in a payment button that Waitry developed without charge, as a way to join the cause (

“We are very happy to be part of this new edition of the Big Day, which seeks to promote such a valuable action for the community. Our payment solution will give anyone, wherever they may be, the possibility to buy a Big Mac and thus contribute to the cause of Casa Ronald and Fundación Sí “ commented Julián Ballarino, Head of Institutional Relations at Prisma Medios de Pago.

From the 1st to the same Friday, November 12, customers will be able to purchase their solidarity Big Mac simply and quickly. Those who have purchased their Big Mac in advance can redeem the coupon at any of the McDonald’s locations across the country from November 12 to 19 inclusive. Those who want to collaborate that same Friday, November 12, will also be able to purchase their Big Mac through AutoMac, take away or through McDelivery through the different shipping applications.

For Casa Ronald, receiving this donation will mean the possibility of launching a new Pediatric Mobile Unit. UPM is a Casa Ronald program that provides quality pediatric, dental and ophthalmological primary care to children and adolescents up to 16 years of age in communities with difficult access to the health system. Through the UPM, in 2022 more than 6,300 children from vulnerable areas will be served.

In the case of Fundación Sí, thanks to the proceeds from the sale of Big Mac on the Big Day, they will be able to continue growing their University Residences program throughout the country.

In the last year, in a complex context due to the pandemic, this program managed to add 8 new residences, a record for Fundación Sí since the project began, which was achieved thanks to different initiatives such as the Big Day. There are currently 17 university residences operating in different localities of the country that house 520 students and 4 are about to be inaugurated.