Friday, September 30

McWin Food Ecosystem fund becomes majority shareholder of Burger King in Germany

McWin Food Ecosystem Fund, the fund created by Henry McGovern Y Steven K.Winegar, founder of AmRest and co-founder of Grupo Zenarespectively, it has become the majority shareholder of Burger King in Germany, having acquired the stake that BAUM Unternehmensgruppe, founded by entrepreneur Gregor Baum, had in Burger King Deutschland GmbH, Burger King’s master franchise in the German market.

Specific, Burger King Germany GmbH It has a portfolio of 110 restaurants and together with its Burger King franchises it has more than 750 restaurants in the country and approximately 25,000 people.

Restaurant Brands International, Burger King’s parent company, will continue to be present in the joint venture and the current executive team will continue to lead the company.

“With this acquisition we have expanded our global portfolio in the restaurant industry to include a major player that has recognized early on many of the changes in the fast food world and has set new standards, procedures and products. Burger King’s drive to Germany to innovate by leading the inclusion of vegetarian and vegan products in its menus, applying investments that improve the gastronomic experience and reviewing its digital strategy has impressed us very favorably and makes Burger King one of the leading brands in Germany “, said Henry McGovern.

“We see opportunities to grow significantly and innovate in the fast food restaurant market in the country, where Burger King can play a leading role in shaping the market and defining new culinary trends. With Cornelius Everke, and his team, we have the ideal team to achieve it and write a success story, “he added.

Growth opportunity for Burger King in Germany

McWin Food Ecosystem Fund will seek to give new impetus to the company and elevate it to the next level by focusing on opportunities for growth that include the development of new locations, supporting and promoting the demand for alternative meats, as well as doubling the commitment to delivery services and improving the digital experience of the Burger King brand in the country.

The fund will contribute its experience in the catering and food technology sector to support the company’s management team in their efforts to achieve the evolution of the business towards a more sustainable offer of products that are offered through channels innovative sales.

“Burger King is better positioned than ever in Germany. And I would like to thank Gregor Baum and the Baum group in particular for that. With Henry McGovern, Steve K. Winegar and their team at McWin Food Ecosystem Fund we have succeeded in attracting one from investors with more experience in the sector. Together, we will drive the transformation of the company in Germany in a shorter period of time in a more efficient way, while expanding our market leadership in the offer of vegan and vegetarian products “, has featured Cornelius Everke, Managing Director of Burger King in Germany.

“Our aim is to adapt fast food restaurants in Germany to changing consumer preferences and to reach new target groups with new restaurant concepts, a broader and above all more sustainable product offering and closer cooperation with the partners of our franchises, “he added. is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of this or any other related information