Monday, December 6

Meat: exports fell 4.3% year-on-year, but due to high prices, turnover was maintained

In China, there is a significant rise in average prices, of (+ 36.0%) in the last twelve months, while in the United States prices have recovered by (+ 10.7%) in the last year ”, as detailed from the IPCVA.

On the other hand, in October of this year, sales abroad of bovine meat and bones were at significantly lower levels, (-25.1%), than those of September; and also, they were significantly lower, (-30.9%), than those of October 2020, considering the volumes shipped in tons of product weight. In the same way, high international prices managed to compensate in a certain way for this important drop, since the inflow of foreign exchange for the tenth month of the year was approximately US $ 240.9 million, resulting (- 0.9%) lower than the US $ 243.1 million obtained in October 2020. It is that the average price of shipments showed an increase of no less than 43.3% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, the People’s Republic of China was the main destination, in volume, for Argentine beef during the first ten months of 2021 with approximately 356.5 thousand tons, followed by Chile, 28.3 thousand tons, and then by Israel , 26,2 thousand tons.

Regarding the value of the foreign currency entered, the main market during the period has been China, which represents (60%) of the total exported value of chilled, frozen and processed beef in the period, followed by Germany (8.4% ), and Chile (8.0%).

“If the shipments of the first ten months of the year 2021 are compared with those corresponding to the period January to October of the year 2020, they showed a varied behavior in relation to the levels of activity that had been registered a year ago: Israel, Chile and Brazil show a growth of moderate magnitude. China exhibits slight negative variations; while the main destinations within the European Union show slight to moderate falls. Finally, the United States and Russia show large drops in the volumes of Argentine meat demanded, although in the first case it is due to a more balanced rate of use of the quota. The dependence on the Chinese market for exports of beef from Argentina has become decisive, and in the last month of October 2021, there were 30.3 thousand tons, which represented approximately 73% of shipments. The United States, with 2.8 thousand tons, became the second most important destination, in terms of volumes, in October 2021 ”, detailed from the IPCVA.

In this context, the Government continues to work with the meat chain to reach a consensus with the aim of stopping the accelerated increase in the price of meat in recent weeks. The plan is to achieve a macro agreement that will be in effect for the whole of next year and, according to Agriculture Minister Julián Domínguez, it will be revealed next December how meat exports will continue.

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