Sunday, April 2

Meat rose 2.5% in January

The most important increases in prices occurred in supermarkets, where the different cuts of meat increased 6%, while the 80 butcher shops surveyed by the Ipcva registered increases of 1%.

The agency explained that cuts such as peceto “have a price that results in about $117 per kilogram higher in supermarkets compared to butcher shops.”

The cuts that showed the greatest increases were the most popular, such as common minced meat, which rose 18% and went from $457.62 to $540.09 per kilo on average. Far behind but with a considerable increase was the skirt, with an increase of 8.5%; it was followed by common meat, with 5.6%; the special chopped, with 3.9%; and roast beef, with 3.3%.

The only cuts that showed decreases were homemade hamburgers, with a decrease of 2.8%, followed by frozen hamburgers with 1.8% and matambre with 0.7%.

The other meats also showed increases in their values: chicken increased 4.9% and pork breast 2.5%.