Tuesday, July 5

Meat to the point, politics undercooked

It would only be a summer controversy if it weren’t for the fact that it looks like Pedro Sánchez will be accompanied by the phrase of the steak for a while. But we go by parts in this barbecue of politics not very elaborate.

First, the minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, echoes the sanitary and environmental recommendations repeated ad nauseam by international organizations: the excessive consumption of meat harms health and its intensive industrial exploitation accelerates climate change. Therefore, just as you have to use your car less and buy less plastic, the minister says you have to try to eat less meat and that is from local farmers. So far, being a leftist minister of a government that defines itself as an environmentalist, so normal.

Opinioners Right-wing people make jokes about the matter because they don’t tend to listen to the recommendations on climate change and public health and what scientific consensus sounds like a truism. The normal, too.

The industry livestock he complains for the Ministry’s campaign. So far, normal too. Then the Minister of Agriculture takes the side of the meat sector and shows his annoyance. The ministries tend to defend their business. Well so far normal too. Page Y Revilla they make jokes. The normal.

But then comes the reaction of Pedro Sánchez. Asked about the controversy between Consumption and Agriculture, I have answered: “I will tell you in very personal terms: to me, where they put a steak to the point…. That is unbeatable. Thanks.”

Sánchez’s response, ridiculing even caricature the position of a Ministry of his own Government, does not reflect much his own political bet presented two months ago. In his plan for Spain 2050 It was stated that “different reports indicate that the consumption of meat of the Spanish population is between two and five times higher than recommended” and that “it will be necessary to reduce the consumption of certain raw materials and products.”

To read seriously about this issue:


Vaccines> Delta

The Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines can against the delta variant that has made health authorities around the world so nervous. It’s reassuring news: A study shows that the mutation resists but ends up succumbing to the double dose of the most commonly used vaccines. Of course, the antibodies that are generated with just one dose are not enough to defeat the variant.

  • Olympic Games. The Olympic Games that should have been held last year in Tokyo will be held this year and not even that has served to allow an audience. The organizing committee has decided that empty stands before the sharp rise in infections.


Do not pass

  • very professional. Madrid paid 225,000 euros to Indra by the system that leaked personal data due to a “rookie” error. The news was revealed by Telemadrid, whose address and plural style have the hours counted: Ayuso just changed the law to get their hands on Vox.
  • We interviewed Lilith Verstrynge, the new secretary of Organization of Podemos. He is clear, as his predecessors had, that one of the key problems of his training is territorial implantation.
  • Hot. As a child I always heard the joke that it is so hot you can make fried eggs on the hood of the car or on the ground or wherever. Well, in Canada they have been made real in their own way: it’s so hot that the mussels have been cooked on the rocks of a Vancouver beach.


Tertullian Trivial

Blue – In which country has Pedro Sánchez had to interrupt an act due to a military alert?

rose – What journalist has been fired this week as a collaborator of the Ana Rosa Quintana program?

Yellow – Who ruled in Chile when the Constitution that is still in force was approved?

Brown – What is the name of the president of the Junta de Extremadura?

Green – What tree very vulnerable to large forest fires is spreading uncontrollably through Portugal, Galicia and other parts of Spain?

Orange – Which national soccer team from a country that does not belong to the European Union has reached the final of the Eurocup?



roseJavier Ruiz

Yellow – Augusto Pinochet

Brown – Guillermo Fernández Vara

Green – Eucalyptus

Orange – England