Thursday, January 27

MEC will give students a blockchain-guaranteed transcript

The MEC will provide Brazilian students with various information about their “School Journey” in a new system, which will be guaranteed by the blockchain.

In times of innovation and digitization of services offered to the population, the federal government continues to pursue the creation of facilities to reduce bureaucracy. In the area of ​​education, one of the highlights of previous years was the creation of the Digital Diploma, which has already shown how important it was to turn paper into digital files.

Last year, with the creation of the Digital Government strategy, even more facilities were presented to the population. The movement now is to seek the interoperability of Brazilian education.

MEC will use blockchain technology to secure in-app school records

The Ministry of Education (MEC), through the Subsecretariat of Information and Communication Technology (STIC), works to release the “Student’s Journey” project.

This solution aims to contribute to the establishment of a vision of the students’ trajectory, through an application (Android/IOS). This will have the registration of personal data of students, institutional, courses and subjects, in addition to digital documents, such as the digital school transcript.

Electronically signed documents will also be shared by the MEC solution, which will feature blockchain technology for integrity and authenticity guarantees.

This is a strategic project aligned with the objectives and actions of the Digital Transformation Plan and the Information and Communication Technology Master Plan (PDTIC). The Student Journey also counts on the support and monitoring of the Secretariat of Digital Government, of the Ministry of Economy, after the signing of a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the MEC, which created the Startup “Edu4D” to support the execution of the project.

To make the solution viable, the MEC has the support of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). The expectation is that by the first half of 2022 the application will reach Brazilian students, making the education environment more modern.

Digital government and blockchain strategy

Theoretically, the blockchain is a technology thought out for many years, which only came into practice with Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that gave birth to the first distributed and secure network model through cryptography.

However, the Brazilian government in 2020 placed the blockchain as a technology of national strategy, avoiding mentioning Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in its actions. In other words, it is still not clear whether the MEC will resort to a public or private blockchain in its solution.

Anyway, the case shows that the blockchain strategy of the so-called Digital Government continues to gain ground, a technology treated as one of the highlights for secure data management in the country.