Sunday, April 2

Meduca will begin training for the ‘Education at Home’ program

After Bill 558, which regulates the Homeschooling, through the virtual modality and establishes optional education, Ministry of Education (Meduca) will begin the first training on next February 12 and 13, directed to the personnel of the national directorates and supervisors of the national territory with the objective that they can understand the subjects and guarantee the educational service to all the students of the country.

The training will be through the agreements that the Meduca has with the training institutions, in order to address issues of how education is given at home, about evaluation, platforms that they will use, how the father of the family becomes a tutor, among others.

The National Director of Special Education, Kiria Kant, He said that he works responsibly with a work team with all the regulations and revision, to begin that process that involves studying at home throughout the national geography in official and private schools.

Have a computer, have an internet line, sign a certificate of responsibility, certification of proper handling of the use of TICS (Information and Communication Technologies), mental health certificate, psychological report of the student, by the psychological cabinets, receiving a seminar on teaching methodologies and personalized education, are some of the requirements that parents and guardians must have.

The project also establishes that students who are educated at home must be enrolled in educational centers by the Meduca for this purpose and it is indicated that these schools must provide teaching resources, guidance and the corresponding follow-up so that the student meets the objectives established in the educational curriculum by school level.