Friday, January 28

Meduca will continue with the delivery of teaching resources next school year 2022

The Ministry of Education (Meduca) begins in February 2022 the delivery of 465,626 books to the centers of general basic and pre-secondary education, located in the different educational regions of the country, to guarantee that before the start of the academic year, students have didactic resources are available and the teaching-learning process begins.

The books to be distributed by Meduca respond to basic subjects such as Spanish, natural sciences, social sciences and Panama.

This school year 2021, an equal number of books were distributed, not only to serve the student population of the official sector, but also students from the private sector and foreigners.

As in the present 2021, the pre-secondary level students will have the different books and, even, the children will receive the book Let’s Learn to Read. This includes the schools attached to the Colmena Plan developed by the National Government.