Monday, May 29

“Medyka is like the woodstock of humanitarian aid”

A month after the war began, part of the Carne Cruda team is at the border. To keep the focus on one of the dramas that keep us on edge, Álvaro Vega and Rocío Gómez have traveled to Poland, one of the border countries to which the largest population is fleeing. We listen to a chronicle from Medyka, a town in the west of the country that gives its name to the busiest border crossing and one of those that can be crossed on foot, and we learn about the stories of Ukrainian refugees and volunteers.

In the program we also travel to Ukraine through the memories of Ukrainian men and women who tell us about their country. A journey through which the political scientist guides us Viktor Savkivthe musician Ihor Prokopiukthe photographer Anastasia Zabiyaka and the tour guide from Kyiv, alona kibets. You can listen to the full program here.