Wednesday, August 4

Meet 3 boat owners who make a living by renting out or chartering their vessels to customers stir-crazy from the pandemic — sometimes raking in as much as $200,000 a month

  • Insider spoke with 3 boat owners who earn money by renting out or chartering their vessels.
  • Some say business grew in the pandemic as people eager to head out saw boats as a safe way to do so.
  • One boat owner told Insider he handles 75 charters a week on average, grossing $200,000 per month.
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With summer underway, people are looking to head out on the water in greater numbers.

The pandemic has only sparked even more interest, as people looking for a break from lockdowns turned to boating. Last year, there was a 35% jump in the number of boat purchases made by first-time buyers, according to the industry publication Trade Only Today.

Insider spoke with three boat owners who derive at least part of their income from renting out or chartering these vessels.

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