Friday, December 8

Meet the electric Mini Cooper special edition Pikachu | Digital Trends Spanish

Gamescom 2022 brought a quirky surprise for gamers. pokemon fans and of the cars, since it presented a special edition Pikachu for the Mini Cooper, based on the Mini Concept Aceman.

The model is quite conventional in its exterior bodywork, but the great revolution is inside, where when you start the car, a pokeball appears and an animation of Pikachu.

The chief designer of Mini, Oliver Heilmer, has also commented that the user will be able to connect his console to the car.

About this Mini Concept Aceman, the brand maintains that, “the MINI Concept Aceman represents a new era of more sustainable and connected cars and combines technological advances, charismatic simplicity and driving emotion. Innovative interactive technology and multi-screen infotainment connect passengers with an unprecedented user experience. The chrome and leather-free material integrates upholstery and textile surfaces made from recycled materials.”

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