Monday, September 26

MEF receives dividends from electricity distributors for $ 11.2 million

Electricity distribution and generation companies, from Grupo Naturgy, and ENSA Panama, they made delivery of $ 11.2 million as part of the dividends corresponding to 2021.

The Vice Minister of Finance, Jorge Luis Almengor, upon receiving the dividends resulting from the profits declared in 2021, affirmed that “For us it is important and crucial to receive this type of contribution, especially in this month of the year where they usually give us, not only the contributions of mixed companies, some public companies, financial entities, but also the contributions of the Panama Canal that are highly relevant and important to complete the current income that help us to give financial and budgetary viability to the general budget of the State and to public investments ”.

Almengor pointed out that this year 2021, “excluding the dividends that we have received from port activities, It has been a historic year in the generation of dividends for the State ”.

Despite the situation produced by the pandemic Covid19 during the years 2020 and 2021, “We have received more income from profits and dividends than the State has historically received, so it has been a good year and our future projection is that next year, once the majority of education, commercial and industrial activities are regularized, there will be, for example, on the side of energy generation and distribution much more increase, so we hope it will be equal to or higher than what we have received at this time ”, concluded the Vice Minister of Finance.

Strategic investments made by the State in public and mixed companies and some other participations, such as in port and logistics activities, They are monitored through the Directorate of Investments, Concessions and State Risks (DICRE) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). The following participated in the delivery of dividends: Esteban Barrientos Moreno, general manager of ENSA; José Luis Lloret, manager of Naturgy Panamá and Francisco Álvarez, director of DICRE at the MEF, highlights a press release from the MEF.