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Megalopolis: Francis Ford Coppola’s ambitious project | Digital Trends Spanish

A true epic revival in the style of The Godfather is the one that director Francis Ford Coppola wants to have with his new project Megalopolis.

The tape is about the story of an architect intent on rebuilding New York City as a utopia after a devastating disaster has left the city in ruins.

The filmmaker was excited to shoot the movie and wanted to release it in 2022, but things didn’t go too well… “I’m committed to making this movie, I’d like to start shooting it now so it’s available in the fall of 2022… I don’t have the approval of my entire cast, but I have enough confirmations to be confident that it is going to be a very exciting cast, “explained Coppola for dead line.

Cast of stars:

And to achieve his last great epic film, Coppola wants to get hold of the best talent in Hollywood and for that he has recruited many stars.

Aubrey Plaza will join Adam Driver in the main cast. Forest Whitaker, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jon Voight and Laurence Fishburne will also be part of the cast of artists that we will see in the film..

And the latest additions are also luxurious:

Talia Shire (The Godfather), Shia LaBeouf (honey boy), Jason Schwartzmann (The French Dispatch), Grace Vanderwaal (star girl), Kathryn Hunter (The Tragedy of Macbeth) and James Remar (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) their new additions to the cast.

Coppola will direct the independently produced film from his own script, with a budget of just south of $100 million, with production set to begin this fall.

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