Monday, March 4

Melania Trump auctions one of her hats and an NFT work

Former US First Lady Melania Trump has put three items up for auction, including a white hat that she wore during the visit to the White House of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, along with his wife, Brigitte Macron, in 2018 .

In a statement from her office about the auction, in which the minimum bid has been set at $250,000, Melania Trump specifies that in addition to the hat, an “exclusive” piece of NFT art created by Marc-Antoine Coulon will be included in the auction. that the fashion accessory can be seen in motion, as well as a watercolor by the same artist.

This is the second NFT that Trump has put up for sale in less than a month, since at the end of December he offered the highest bidder another NFT of a drawing of his eyes, also created by Coulon, local media detail.

According to the office of Donald Trump’s wife, part of the funds obtained from the sale will go to an initiative that is part of the Be Best anti-bullying program that she developed as the first lady of the United States, although she does not specify what percentage .

The white hat, which is signed by Melania Trump and is considered the centerpiece of the auction, was created by her personal stylist, Hervé Pierre, to be worn alongside the pure white Michael Kors suit valued at more than $2,000 that she wore for the occasion.

Payment for the auction can be made exclusively with the SOL cryptocurrency.