Friday, September 22

MelGeek Pixel: The LEGO Compatible Keyboard | Digital Trends Spanish

The MelGeek Pixel company launched a keyboard that will be the delight of all lovers of technology and LEGObecause according to them it is the first keyboard compatible with the parts of the Danish company.

A gift that is sure to make you more focused on putting your figures next to your work station, rather than typing.

Most are designed to allow users to swap keys, modify the lighting beneath them, and even change the mechanisms that give the keys keyboards its unique sounds and feel.

The Pixel Keyboard isn’t an official Lego product, but since the company’s patents on its interlocking brick design expired in 1978, other companies have been able to make compatible but unofficial products. The edge of the Pixel can be embellished with patterns created from smooth Lego tiles, minifigure characters, or even 3D structures such as pen holders built from bricks.

The keyboard’s LED status indicators are also covered in clear brick studs, allowing them to be built with additional clear Lego pieces. The same applies to every mechanical switch on the board. Users can remove the included keyset and replace them all with custom Lego creations.

It will have a starting price of $269 dollars.

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