Saturday, March 25

Members of PP and Vox justify the violent assault on Lorca’s plenary session: “The countryside has exploded against the attacks of the PSOE”

Vox and the Popular Party have published signs of support for the violent protesters who have stormed the plenary session of Lorca, contrary to the new limitations on the construction of pig farms around urbanizable land that the City Council was going to approve. “In the end, the plenary session has been suspended. You cannot play with the future of ranchers and their families,” reads one of the tweets by Pascual Salvador, the only Vox deputy related to Santiago Abascal in the Region of Murcia.

Lorca ranchers storm a municipal building and suspend a plenary session against pig macro-farms

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The president of the PP of Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, has issued a statement in the same address, and has ensured that the field has exploded in Lorca “against the continuous attacks of the PSOE.” “The countryside has said enough, they have been dragged into a limit situation before which they couldn’t take it anymore. You can’t play over and over again with the bread and desperation of thousands of families.”

Juan José Liarte, spokesman for the Vox parliamentary group, has condemned the violence, but has clarified that the protesters are not “violent per se”: “Our parliamentary group has always condemned violence. Against people, political parties, institutions But at the same time, what we should also analyze as a society is whether we will not be pressing much beyond what is admissible on some of the social groups to which we owe the most.”

The exalted, who were part of a demonstration called hours before, jumped the police cordon and broke into the municipal building, confronting the willing agents.

Among the demonstrators, estimated at five thousand according to people present, there were local farmers, members of municipal livestock associations and related companies, the sources of the Lorca City Council tell this medium, which point out that at the time of the assault on the municipal offices “the heads of the livestock groups were meeting with Mayor Diego José Mateos”.

The mayor of the PP of Puerto Lumbreras, María Ángeles Tunisia, and that of Fuente Álamo, Juana María Martínez, were also at the concentration. The first mayor of Lumbrerense later condemned the altercations: “This type of act has no place in democracy. Witnesses to the concentration have pointed out that from the Lorca PP they were “encouraging the ranchers to act as they have done, leaning out of the windows and congratulating the one that was forming”.