Thursday, February 2

Mercadona approves the 6.5% salary increase for its 93,300 employees

  • The agreement negotiated with the unions includes a salary review clause linked to the CPI, to guarantee purchasing power

The steering committee of Mercadona has approved the Salary increase agreed for this 2022, which after knowing the inflation data will be 6,5% and will benefit a total of 93,300 workers in Spain.

Once the consolidated data of the consumer price index (CPI) for December is known, the supermarket firm complies with the collective agreement negotiated with the unions, which includes a salary review clause to guarantee purchasing power. The increase will come into force in the payroll of this same month of January and will place the minimum starting salary in 1,425 euros gross per month, 87 euros more than last year.

“With this salary increase, Mercadona reinforces its commitment to the stable and quality employment that it has been carrying out for more than 25 years,” the company declared in the statement in which it publicized the decision of its highest management body.

In Spain, 15.2% of employees covered by an agreement have salary review clauses included in it to shield their salaries from the ups and downs of inflation. Among those 1.2 million workers throughout Spain are the 93,000 Mercadona employees, who will see their payrolls rise 6.5% after closing the CPI at its highest level in the last 30 years.

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These clauses avoid the loss of purchasing power that the majority of employees experienced during 2021, the year in which average inflation closed at 3.1% and the average wage increase agreed in agreements was 1.5%, the half.

The escalations experienced by inflation have led to calls by the Bank of Spain for salary moderation and even to establish an income pact, which limits the rise in salaries and margins to avoid a price-salary spiral. In any case, the unions have already begun to demand measures so that the workers do not lose purchasing power.