Monday, September 20

Mercadona will raise the price of milk after protests by farmers

Mercadona has agreed to raise the price of milk after protests by farmers in front of their supermarkets. The chain will increase what it pays for the milk it sells under the private label – whole, semi and skimmed – a total of 3 cents. This has been reported by the Union of Small Farmers and Farmers Union (UPA), which has made it known, calling it a “step forward.” Unió de Pagesos, for its part, sees it as insufficient.

The announcement of the increase, which at the moment has no application date, comes after several mobilizations of the dairy sector in Catalonia and in other areas of Spain to urgently demand an increase in the prices they charge per liter. Farmers warn that current prices and the use of milk as a claim product in supermarkets is leading businesses to ruin because they cannot bear the increase in production costs.

From Mercadona they have assured that the increase in the price of milk in supermarkets will be 3 cents, but they point out that there is still no set date of application. They say that dairy suppliers are “bearing” since the beginning of the year “a strong increase in raw materials, energy costs, transport and packaging that has a significant impact on the price of milk production.” For this reason, they say, they have had “no choice” but “to transfer a part of the significant increase in costs that is occurring in the final price of milk.”

Mercadona’s announcement is insufficient, according to Unió de Pagesos, which a few days ago mobilized, together with JARC, in a rally in front of a Mercadona supermarket in Vic. They also had the support of the Cooperativa Plana de Vic and the Vaquers d ‘ Osona, who on August 3 signed an agreement in extremis with Làctia so that she would continue to buy their milk, at least until the end of September.

“They laugh at us again,” the head of the UP Milk Beef sector, Marc Xifra, laments in statements to the ACN. In this sense, he points out that the cost of producing milk is much higher than this slight increase and makes it clear that the price of milk is brik of milk should be 0.85 cents so that the entire food chain can earn a proper living. “They should be ashamed to want to wash their face with this climb that is not going anywhere,” adds the farmer.

Xifra criticizes the strategy of using milk as a claim product and regrets that, despite the fact that the shopping basket has been increasing in price in recent years, the price of milk has always remained the same. That is why they demand a change in the law of the food chain that does not allow selling below the cost price or the use of this staple product as a claim.

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