Tuesday, November 28

Mercedes-Benz increases the pressure on the workforce and breaks off the negotiation while the strikes continue

The management of Mercedes-Benz Vitoria has considered the negotiations on the agreement broken as long as the strikes continue and production is stopped at the plant. This has been communicated by the general director of the factory, Emilio Titos, to the works council, according to the president of the works council Igor Guevara. Committee and management had resumed negotiations this Thursday after Tuesday’s meeting, in which there was a new offer from the company and after Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu’s trip to Germany to meet with directors of the multinational in which Emilio himself participated Uncles.

Urkullu before the conflict in Mercedes-Benz: “Of course I am in favor of the company, without a company there is no future”

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This Thursday’s meeting between the committee and the management was taking place during a new day of strike, the fifth with the production of vans stopped, despite the fact that after the last offer from the management the union majority made up of CCOO, UGT, Ekintza and PIM they got off the strikes and decided to postpone them. However, the staff has overwhelmingly supported the call for ELA, LAB and ESK. Today these unions have once again estimated the follow-up of strikes at 95%.

The president of the committee, Igor Guevara, told elDiario.es/Euskadi that, in principle, the strike called for today and also for this Friday is going ahead and that they have already presented notice of another three strikes for next week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, although they are scheduled to meet with the staff at a time to make a decision after the management’s ultimatum.

This Thursday’s meeting only lasted half an hour, just enough for the company to transfer the representatives of the workers who, as long as production stops, will not make progress at the negotiating table and will suspend the negotiations, which in opinion of the president of the committee is “to underestimate the staff”. “He has said that the squad does not understand what is being proposed to us, he has almost called us fools” said Guevara, who has highlighted that it was Titos himself who has considered the negotiation broken.

From CCOO they have told Europa Press that everyone must reflect and seek “the best strategy” to ensure that the table continues to meet to move forward. However, he considers that the attitude of the management has not been “good” and has been “wrong” because he had a “good opportunity” to make the staff see that “at the table you can move forward and reach an agreement” . Finally, given his position in relation to the strikes called by ELA, LAB and ESK, he has indicated that it is an issue that they will have to address.