Friday, January 28

Mercedes overtakes Tesla in autonomous driving: you can now “relax and watch a movie” behind the wheel on German motorways

The German motorways or Autobahn are famous for not having general speed limits, and now you can see something interesting there: Mercedes-Benz cars with their new level 3 autonomous driving systems activated, thus surpassing the Tesla system, considered level 2.

German regulators have given the go-ahead for the manufacturer to use their new system, called Drive Pilot, which is a level 3 autonomy system that allows the driver to drive at less than 60 km / h “surf the web or relax and watch a movie“.

Level 3 autonomous driving is a reality

Those responsible for Mercedes have announced the granting of this permit by the regulatory authorities, which will allow them to use the Drive Pilot system in situations where the speed of 60 km / h is not exceeded.

That means that when there is dense traffic on those highways and speeds do not exceed that figure, drivers of Mercedes cars with this system will be able to “forget about the traffic and focus on certain secondary activities. For example, communicate with colleagues from that office turned into a car. , write emails, surf the internet, or relax and watch a movie“.

The Drive Pilot system will be an option on Mercedes S-Class and EQS family cars by the middle of next year, though it is not yet known how much he will charge the signing of a system that can be used on the 13,000 kilometers of the German motorway network.

Mercedes not the first manufacturer on achieving a Level 3 autonomous driving system: Honda already had permission from Japanese regulators in 2020 to test its system on a limited number of vehicles.

Both firms they get ahead of Tesla like this, whose promises to offer an autonomous driving system remain confusing and generating some serious scares: Their own employees indicated how that system is Level 2 and it is almost impossible to reach Level 5 in the short term despite the promises of Elon Musk.

Via | Bloomberg