Sunday, October 17

Messenger launches group chats between applications | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook Messenger has just launched a series of new functions, among which the group chats between applications stand out.

Last year, the company had introduced cross-messaging between Messenger and Instagram and is now allowing users to initiate group chats between the contacts they maintain between the two applications.

Part of the news announced by the company also includes the surveys in the messages that are sent through Instagram and that are based on the survey function that already exists in Messenger.


This application is also incorporating a group writing function to its group direct messages, independent of the application that is being used to chat. This would allow users to see when their friends are typing at the same time.

Also, people can now use Messenger’s Watch Together feature to watch Instagram posts like Reels and IGTV videos at the same time.


Along with the updates that integrate more to Facebook and Instagram, Messenger also launched new themes to personalize the chats. One of the ones that has attracted the most attention is the one that offers different backgrounds and images related to astrology.


Meanwhile, an article by TechCrunch, explains that these new functions could be part of an attempt by Facebook that seeks to demonstrate that its applications work together, and not separately.

This could be due to the lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States, which alleges that the company behaves like a monopoly that must be dissolved.

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