Wednesday, December 8

Meta enriches Facebook groups and makes them look more like Discord with extra customization and options

More coups by Meta, Facebook’s parent company, after revealing the name change and the erasure of the facial data of more than a billion people. Now the company announces a barrage of news for Facebook groups, seeking to update them and make them more attractive to users compared to alternatives such as Discord or instant messaging groups.

Subgroups, collections, welcome messages and awards

The news covers many aspects of these groups, and you can see that on Facebook they want them to become a meeting point for people who have something in common. All focused, of course, on the experience from the mobile application.

For starters, administrators will be able to customize groups with background images and font styles that fit your theme. Each detail can be changed individually, although there will be “packages” of style for those who do not want to complicate too much.

Groups can also include welcome messages (and a list of rules) that will appear on the screen of new members, as well as prizes that administrators can give to those people who have contributed something special. A chat reserved for administrators and moderators will also help to better organize a group with many people.

Another interesting point are the subgroups: Administrators will be able to establish small internal groups focused on more specific topics to better distribute the conversation about something. And optionally these subgroups may be paid, to create corners premium if it is attractive enough to users. There will also be the possibility of creating money collections among all members of the group for a cause decided by the members.

Sounds, in short, like much more interactivity and organization so that a good group of people feel comfortable in those Facebook groups. Now the question that remains is to know how users will respond to this.