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Meta will filter for “mature” content for people over 18 | Digital Trends Spanish

Meta is putting on the patch before the wound, because she knows that in Horizon Worlds worlds can be created with visions of the crudest reality in the metaversesuch as the presence of suggestive content such as near nudity, or the use of soft drugs such as marijuana or alcohol.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company noted the change in an email sent to Horizon Worlds users, stating that creators must apply a content rating to their worlds to show whether it is appropriate for all ages or only mature users (over 18 years). If the creators take no action and don’t update their existing worlds within the next month, then those worlds “will default to 18+ regardless of the content in the world.” Creators can find the new ranking option in the World tab in Build Mode, and it can be adjusted at any time.

Meta’s Mature Worlds Policy for Horizon can be read here with examples listed below of the content the company will allow in the mature social spaces in Horizon Worlds, as well as content “not allowed even with an 18+ tag.”

Adult Accepted Content:

  • “Content that is sexually suggestive; for example, near-nudeness, depictions of people in implied or suggestive positions, or a setting focused on activities that are overly suggestive.”
  • “Worlds that are dedicated to or have a central focus on the promotion of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, or age-regulated activities (including gambling).”
  • “Intense or excessively violent fictional content, including blood and gore, that may surprise or upset users.”

prohibited content

  • “Content that is sexually explicit or provocative, including nudity, depictions of people in explicit positions, or content or worlds that are sexually provocative or implied.”
  • “Content that depicts or promotes the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs.”
  • “Content that promotes criminal or dangerous activities.”
  • “Content depicting intense real-life violence, including blood and gore.”
  • “Content that attempts to buy, sell, or trade in real-life regulated goods, such as firearms, blades, alcohol, and tobacco.”

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