Tuesday, September 26

Metallica discharges all its power in a San Mamés surrendered to the band

Metallica has unloaded all its power tonight at the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao in a concert that has ignited the faithful followers of the ‘trash metal’ group, who have also contributed their energy to complete an unforgettable evening. Overcome COVID-19, a mishap that forced them to suspend the concert they had scheduled for June 29 in Switzerland, Lars Ulrich (drums), James Hetfield (voice and guitar), Kirk Hammett (guitar) and Robert Trujillo (bass) have come to Bilbao to celebrate this concert, part of their international tour.

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Those from California unleashed a metal storm for two hours at the Athletic Club stadium in a colossal display of light and sound, with impeccable production, before an intergenerational legion of followers recruited in their 40-year musical career. The sound energy displayed by Metallica, together with the intensity provided by an audience that has almost filled the stands, has shaken the foundations of the stadium and has shaken the bodies of the spectators, who have enjoyed and accompanied, arms raised, each one of the songs.

With the song ‘The ecstasy of gold’, which the late Ennio Morricone composed for the film ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, the band has appeared on stage and has started its performance at full power with ‘Whiplash’ , which was followed by ‘Creeping death’ and ‘Enter Sandman’, according to EFE. After the three initial songs, performed by the four members of the group on a small stage in front of the main one in the middle of the track, the band has continued unloading all the metallic force with, among others, ‘Harvester of Sorrow’, ‘Sad but true ‘ and ‘Dirty Window’.

Afterward, Kirk Hammett started ‘Nothing else matters’, which lit up the throats of the spectators to sing the song at the top of their lungs and the mobile phones to capture the moment with a stadium that his band enjoyed. Metallica has continued to offer its sound arsenal with ‘For whom the bell tolls’, with a musical duel between Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo, ‘Moth into flame’, with flares included behind Lars Ulrich’s back, ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ and ‘Seek & Destroy’, with James Hetfield encouraging the masses.

The Californians have left the stage, but they have returned to give away one last helping of ‘thrash metal’, during the encore time, where they have played ‘Metal Militia’, the classic ‘One’, which has once again raised the enthusiasm of the public, and, to close, ‘Master of puppets’, fervently chanted by the stadium. A problem with the sound has been solved professionally by the band, who have taken up the end of ‘Master of puppets’ to say goodbye in style to an audience that has left San Mamés satisfied and vibrating with what they have just experienced this night in Bilbao.

The Metallica concert has been the culmination of an eventful day of rock, the Bilbao-Bizkaia Rock Day, since the COVID-19 and problems with the flights have meant that two of the groups announced in the initial poster have not been able to play in the San Mames stadium. The American punk rock group The Regrettes suspended their concert tour in Europe due to “multiple” cases of COVID-19 in their team a few days before performing in Bilbao, forcing the organization to replace it with Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado, that have opened the musical day.

This Sunday, the stage screens announced that Weezer had canceled his performance “due to last-minute problems that arose on his trip” that prevented the American group from “reaching Bilbao”, something that has angered the followers of the Rivers Cuomo band. . After the reorganization of the schedules, Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado, Nothing But Thieves and The Hellacopters have been the opening act for Metallica that will play in Madrid on July 6, when Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo disembark at the mad cool festival