Wednesday, July 6

Metallica has its own turntable thanks to Pro-Ject | Digital Trends Spanish

Audiophile equipment manufacturer Pro-Ject has announced a turntable special edition in collaboration with the legendary heavy metal band, Metallica.

Paying homage to the group’s iconic throwing star logo, the handcrafted turntable’s plinth features four serrated blades with a mirror finish visible through the clear glass platter and protruding from the edges of the platter in an eye-catching star-like formation. a star. In line with previous artist-themed pro-Ject turntables produced with the Beatles Y The Rolling Stonesthis Metallica deck will be available in limited quantities and through select retailers this summer for $1,600.

The plinth of the turntable is made of heavy, non-resonant MDF material that is typical of what can be found on several of Pro-Ject’s high-end turntables. The heavy glass platter sits on an aluminum sub-platter that is belt-driven, making for the quiet, precise operation audiophiles prefer and Pro-Ject Audio is known for. It also has a speed selector switch, so you don’t have to worry about manually moving the belt.

While it is not known how involved the members of Metallica were in this collaboration, it is likely that they would be pleased with the choice of the Ortofon/Pro-Ject designed Pick it S2 C cartridge. Known and loved by DJs and audiophiles alike, the cartridge is based on the popular Ortofon Concorde plug-and-play design, which is easy to install and change. Here, the S2 C comes factory installed and aligned, according to the press release, and its 8.6-inch S-shaped aluminum tone arm features adjustable vertical tracking angle (VTA), tracking force, and anti-skate settings, making for a pretty feature-stacked turntable.

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