Saturday, December 10

MetaMask plays a trick on its users in Venezuela | Digital Trends Spanish

A massive bug was reported from Venezuela by MetaMask users. The Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet was not available between the last hours of Wednesday and the morning of this Thursday, March 3.

At first, the platform limited itself to explaining that together with its Infura server “they are not available in certain jurisdictions due to legal compliance issues.” Once the inconvenience was solved, it was the second company that came out to offer excuses.

“When changing some settings as a result of new sanctions directives from the United States and other jurisdictions, we mistakenly configured the settings more broadly than necessary,” he said on his social networks.

Infura admitted that it was “our carelessness” and thanked the many alerts received. “Once we determined what happened, we were able to fix the problem and service was restored,” she said.

With such background on the table, MetaMask reminded its users that they can do without Infura by modifying the tool’s settings. “We sincerely apologize for the disruption to those in the affected regions without notice,” she posted.

media like CryptoNews They attested to the restoration of the functionalities of the wallet “after noon”. They also attributed the mishap to the economic sanctions established against Russia, after the military invasion of Ukraine. The problems would have arisen due to the US nature of ConsenSys, the parent company of Infura.

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